20 Super Fun American-style Summer Camps UK

American-style Summer Camps UK

If you’ve ever wondered what American-style summer camps UK are all about, then this article is for you. I’ve created a list of the best camps in the UK that offer great experiences for kids, teens, and adults alike.

The American style of summer camp is a broad description of camps that originated in the United States, and have influenced camps around the world.

Children and adolescents who attend American-style summer camps are usually allowed to explore their interests and abilities, which can help them establish self-esteem, form new social relationships, learn new skills, and develop greater independence.

When looking for American-style summer camps in the UK there are a couple of things you should consider. You will want to consider whether you want a day camp or an overnight camp.

Another consideration is which area of the country the American-style summer camp should be located in. Most importantly, there are many great options for American-style summer camps in the UK.

Best American-style Summer Camps UK

American-style summer camps are a great way for kids to experience a new environment and meet new people while they learn valuable skills like teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving. These camps are also a great way to teach your children about other cultures.

Here are the 10 most popular styles:

1. Camp Wolfpack

Camp Wolfpack is one of the most well-known American-style summer camps in the UK. It takes place in Haverhill, Essex, and is run by two brothers who were born and bred in America.

Camp Wolfpack offers three different programs: the junior camp (ages 6–12), which lasts nine weeks; the senior camp (14–18), which lasts eight weeks; and the wolf pack leader program, which is designed for older teens who want to lead their own groups at camp.

2. Camp Fire USA International

Camp Fire USA is another popular American-style summer camp that takes place across England and Scotland every year during July and August. There are several levels at this camp, including one for young children (ages 5–11) that lasts six weeks; one for teens ages 13–17.

3. Camp Cooper

Camp Cooper is a company based in the UK that offers American-style summer camps for children and teenagers. The Camp Cooper Summer Camps are designed to provide a fun, safe, and educational environment for kids to enjoy during the summer months.

The Camp Cooper Summer Camps are popular with children and teens of all ages, who enjoy the many activities that are offered at these camps.

The Camp Cooper Summer Camps offer a wide range of activities such as swimming and water games, arts and crafts, sports, cooking demonstrations, and much more. All of these activities will help your child to make new friends while they learn new skills at the same time.

The Camp Cooper Summer Camps also provide parents with some great opportunities to meet other parents who share similar interests with them.

You will find that there are many benefits associated with attending one of these camps because they allow you to get involved in your child’s education without having to worry about what they are learning or how well they are performing academically.

4. Camps UK

Camps UK is one of the leading providers of American-style summer camps in the UK. Offers a range of programs for kids aged 6 to 18, from beginner to expert level. These camps are specifically designed for kids who want to learn new skills or improve their existing ones.

Whether you’re looking for traditional fun activities, sports, or arts & crafts, They have something for everyone. It is available throughout the year at popular locations across the country and can be booked online.

Programs include:

Sports and Adventure Camps – These are designed for boys and girls aged 4 to 16 years old. They include fun activities like archery, canoeing, fishing, orienteering, and more.

Art and Craft Camps – These are perfect for children who want to learn new skills and make some great artwork during their summer holidays.

Where to Find American Summer Camps in the UK

Looking for an adventure-filled holiday? Look no further than the United Kingdom, which has many exciting camping locations where you can explore nature, splice firewood, and get in touch with wild animals.

In this list, we’re going to give you some useful information on the best American summer camps located in the UK.

5. Summer Camps UK

Summer camps in the UK are a great way to spend your summer vacation. There are many different types of camps you can choose from and each one is unique.

The most popular types of summer camps include:

Adventure Camps – These include things like climbing, white water rafting, rock climbing, and more. If these activities interest you then this might be the perfect camp for you.

Sports Camps – Sports camps are great for those who love sports but don’t want to get too serious about it. These camps usually involve different types of sports such as baseball or soccer.

Fitness Camps – Fitness camps are focused on keeping kids fit while they’re at camp. Kids will learn how to do aerobics and other types of exercise routines that play an important role in keeping them healthy throughout their lives.

Technology Camps – Technology camps teach children how computers work and how they can be used for fun and entertainment purposes.

6. Camps Galore

Camps Galore is a fun and exciting American-style summer camp run by volunteers from around the world. They aim to provide a safe environment for children aged 6-12 years who are interested in learning about different cultures, languages, sports, and music. The program also offers activities such as arts and crafts, games, cooking lessons, and more.

7. Adventurers’ Club – British Summer Camps

Adventurers’ Club – British Summer Camps is a private school located in Surrey that provides education for students aged 5-16 years old throughout the academic year (September–December). The school offers all-around education including sports, music, and drama classes alongside core subjects like maths.

8. British Summer Time Camps

Campers from all over the world travel to one of their two locations in England – Chipping Norton or High Wycombe – for two weeks every August. The camp offers activities such as archery, canoeing and canoeing lessons, mountain biking, horse riding, kayaking, and rock climbing.

The staff is friendly and fun-filled with games such as “Captain Cook” where participants dress up as pirate captains and race around the campground trying to capture other pirates’ flags.

9. Camp Adventure (UK) Ltd

This company is based in Milton Keynes but offers programs around the country including London, Manchester, and Liverpool. Their program is designed for children aged 8-14 years old who have never been away from home before or those who want an intense experience away from home.

10. PGL Summer Camp

Ready to get outside and get active? PGL summer camps are US-style summer camps in the UK. Whether you’re 5 or 25, PGL has a summer camp that will suit you. From American-style summer camps for 5-25-year-olds, PGL summer camps are for everyone.

It’s great if you live in the UK and are looking for a unique summer camp for your children that is unconventional and safe.

PGL (The Adventure Travel Company) is a long-term established company in the UK, it was founded in 1957 as a specialist in the field. Their site claims that they offer “fun, challenging and memorable outdoor holiday activities.

11. Explorations Academy

This program offers a variety of different options that allow kids to get involved with new activities each week throughout the summer months.

12. Camp America Europe

This camp is designed for students between the age of 7-14 who want to spend their summer learning about American culture through various activities like hiking, sports, community service projects, and more!

13. Camp America Kids

This program offers over 40 different locations across Europe where kids can learn about American culture through various activities like sports competitions against other European countries as well as field trips around Europe.

14. The American School of London (ASL)

The American School of London (ASL) is a private school that offers grades 1-12. They have over 1,350 students and offer a wide range of sports, clubs, and activities.

ASL offers many different types of summer camps including outdoor adventures such as rock climbing and surfing; art camps like creative writing and photography; academic camps like coding and science; language camps like Spanish and French.

STEM camps like robotics and engineering; sports camps like soccer (football) or basketball; leadership camps where students learn how to run their own club at ASL; as well as day camps for younger students ages 7-14 years old with options such as cooking or circus artistry.

15. Camp America

is one of the largest providers of American Summer Camps in Europe, offering over 30 different locations across Britain and Ireland. Their camps are designed for children aged 6-16 years old and include activities such as arts & crafts, sports, drama, and much more.

16. Camp Kesem

For children whose parents have been affected by cancer, this one-week camp provides a fun and supportive environment.

17. Camp Quest

A secular alternative to traditional summer camps that focuses on science and social justice.

18. Camp Rock

A program run by Camp America that offers fun outdoor activities for kids aged 7-17 years old.

19. Camp Shadybrook

An American-style summer camp for kids aged 8-16 years old (and adults) based near Cardiff with a focus on outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, and swimming.

20. English Language Camps

If your child wants to improve his or her English skills while having fun at the same time, then this could be a great option for them! These camps teach children how to speak English fluently so that they can communicate with others more easily.

They also provide opportunities for students to work on their writing skills as well as listening comprehension skills through various activities such as debates and presentations.


Can British kids go to American summer camps?

Yes! Many families have taken advantage of the opportunity to send their kids to U.S.-based camps. The best part is that most of these camps are open to international students and families.

Some of these camps even offer scholarships and financial aid packages to help make it more affordable for parents who want their children to attend but cannot afford it otherwise.

Do summer camps exist in the UK?

The answer is yes. Summer camps in the UK are popular with both children and teenagers. There is a wide range of options available for you to choose from, whether you want a traditional camp experience or something a little more adventurous.

What are American Summer Camps?

The answer is simple: they are fun! Summer camps in America are geared toward young people who want to have a great time while learning new skills, making new friends, and meeting people from different backgrounds.

They come in all shapes and sizes, from sports camps to art camps and everything in between. You can find a wide range of activities offered at these camps, including archery, climbing, horseback riding, and many more.

How much does summer camp cost in the UK?

The answer is that it can be very expensive, but you should also know that many camps offer affordable prices. The average cost of a summer camp UK ranges from £300 to £400 per week.

You can also find some camps that are free or even offer scholarships for those who want to join but cannot afford the registration fee.

Final Thought

Considering the many summer camps in the United Kingdom, we should expect more of them to open their doors to the American style of summer camps and incorporate them into their agenda to make it a complete package for all their summer campers. Summer Camp will never be the same.

Summer camps in the United States and elsewhere have a long, rich history. While the specifics of different summer camps may vary, one thing that always remains the same is the fun, enjoyment, and camaraderie of a good camp experience.

This can be found in any summer camp great or small. The tradition and spirit of summer camps will most likely continue with the new generations to come.

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