What to do on a Camping Trip with Friends (15 Honest Tips)

What to do on a Camping Trip with Friends

You’ve been invited to go camping with a group of friends. While you enjoy the fresh air, challenges will arise when you find out you don’t know what to do on a camping trip with friends.

You have spent the past few weeks thinking of ways to spend time with your friends. You’ve gone on hikes, gone diving, and gone camping recently. Your trips have been a lot of fun, but you’re ready for more.

You have a few friends who like going camping and you have always wanted to go, but you don’t know fun activities with friends that would be different and unique from past adventures.

The reason you’ve been invited on a camping trip is that you are considered to be a “good friend”. Your presence is important not only to him or her but also to all other members of the camping party.

There are lots of things to do on a camping trip with friends. You can go hiking, fishing, and canoeing. If you are staying in a cabin, you can go swimming or just sit around the campfire and roast marshmallows. You can also make s’mores or hot dogs and beans.

What to do on a Camping Trip with Friends and Families

Camping alone is fun, but you might be thinking why is it important to plan a camping trip with friends and families?  Anyways, it’s so much more fun and you get to spend some quality time with the people you care about.

That’s why I’ve come up with the best activities on your camping trip that mix great memories with great adventures. Whatever you choose, being outdoors can be extremely enjoyable. You just need to take it easy.

 I have put together a comprehensive list, along with tips and tricks you can use in order to create memories that will last a lifetime

1. Come Up with a List of Games to Play

If you’re going camping with your friends, then chances are you’ll be spending most of your time together. Give yourselves an activity to do together that everyone can enjoy. If you don’t have any idea what to do, why not come up with a list of games that you can play together?

2. Prepare the Campfire

One of the best things about camping with friends is having a fire at night and roasting marshmallows over them. You can also use this opportunity to tell scary stories as well.

But if you’re going to roast marshmallows, then you need to prepare everything beforehand including getting extra wood and setting up chairs around the fire so that everyone can sit comfortably while enjoying their snacks.

You may also want to bring along some hot chocolate packets or coffee mugs if you don’t have enough cups for everyone already.

3. Prepare Local Activities

If there’s one thing about camping with friends that makes it even better than going alone, it would be getting more people involved in exploring the great outdoors.

When going camping with friends, it’s important to plan some activities for everyone to do together.

This will help keep everyone entertained and happy throughout the whole trip. These activities can include hiking through forests or mountainsides, swimming in lakes or rivers, and going on long nature walks around campgrounds.

You might even consider bringing along some board games or card games for when it starts raining or getting dark outside.

Whatever types of activities you decide to do on your trip, make sure they are appropriate for everyone who will be participating in them (meaning no dangerous activities like rock climbing or skydiving).

4. Explore the Great Outdoors

You can explore the great outdoors, whether you’re hiking or just taking a walk. If you’re camping in a forest, there’s probably an abundance of trees and flowers to take photos of. And if you’re in a desert, it’s fun to look at the different kinds of rocks and animals that live there.

5. Write a Postcard Home and Send It

If you have access to a computer with internet access, write a postcard home and send it back home. It’s fun to get mail from your friends who aren’t there with you on the trip.

How to Plan a Camping Trip with Friends

Planning a camping trip with friends? Then you must know how to plan a camping trip with friends before embarking on the trip.

There are some steps you can take to make sure it’s a fun and successful trip.

6. Decide Where You Want To Go

Camping is all about exploring nature, so decide where you want to go based on what you want to see or do. You can head out on an overnighter or plan for several days of hiking and exploring the area.

7. Reserve Your Campsite

If you’re going off-season or during the week, chances are good that there will be less competition for campsites than during the peak summer season. If you’re looking for a more secluded spot, book early in the season before everyone else does.

8. Talk With Your Friends About All The Details and See Who Will Bring What

This is an important step because each person will have their gear, which may or may not work well together as a group. Make sure everyone knows what they’re bringing, including things like tents and sleeping bags.

If someone needs help buying gear (or borrowing), offer suggestions but let them choose what works best for them.

9. Get Your Gear Together

If you’re heading out on a camping trip with friends, you’re going to want to make sure you have everything you need.

This can be the most time-consuming part of the process, but it’s also one of the most important. It’s important that everyone has their supplies and doesn’t depend on others for anything.

For example, if someone needs a sleeping bag or tent for their trip, make sure they bring it with them so they don’t end up borrowing something from someone else. Here are a few things you need to get together though.

a. Clothing

Pack layers of clothing so you can adjust to changing temperatures throughout the day. Include items like long-sleeved shirts, pants, sweaters, rain gear, hats, and gloves. Don’t forget socks and underwear.

b. Food

Bring enough food for everyone in your group (plus snacks). You’ll want plenty of water as well. If you have dietary restrictions or allergies, be sure to pack food that works for everyone’s needs.

c. Flashlights

Flashlights are a smart thing to bring along on any camping trip because they’ll help keep you safe at night while walking around in the dark or looking for something in your tent after lights out.

You might want to consider bringing multiple flashlights so that one person doesn’t have all of the responsibility of keeping their friends

d. Blankets & Pillows

Blankets and pillows are both useful items that make sleeping much more comfortable while camping outdoors (especially if it’s cold outside). If possible, try to bring as many blankets as possible so that everyone has plenty.

What to Wear on a Trip with Friends

Camping is a great way to spend time with friends, but it can also be a little challenging. Here are some more tips on how to make your next camping trip more enjoyable.

10. Wear Waterproof Boots or Shoes

If you’re going to be hiking in the woods or walking through puddles, waterproof shoes are a must. You don’t want your feet getting wet and cold.

11. Pack a Backpack Instead of a Purse

Purses are not meant for hiking or camping trips. They’re heavy and awkward to carry around, so switch out your purse for an old backpack that’s been gathering dust in your closet. You’ll be able to fit everything in there (and then some) and avoid any unnecessary back strain.

This is the most important item on the list. You will need something to carry all of your stuff in, so make sure that you have a good one. Make sure that it has plenty of room for everything that you will be bringing along with you when you go out into the wilderness.

12. Wear Layers

It’s important to wear layers when you’re camping because it keeps you warm and comfortable throughout the night.

Pack your favorite sweater and scarf or poncho sweater which will keep you warm while also looking stylish around the campfire at night.

When it comes to camping, you’ll want to make sure that you’re prepared for all sorts of weather. This means packing your bag with things like a blanket scarf or poncho sweater.

These are great because they can be used as blankets when it’s cold outside and as sweaters when it’s warm. They’re also light and easy to carry around, so it doesn’t take up much space in your bag.

13. Bring Neutral Color Kinds Of Clothes

Since you’ll be spending most of your time outdoors, it’s best to choose pieces that will go with everything else. You’ll be able to mix and match them with any outfit, and they’ll work well in any weather condition.

You might think that wearing bright colors on a road trip is a good idea — after all, it will make it easier for your friends to find you in a crowd. But if everyone is wearing similar colors, then it’s harder for people to tell who’s who. So instead of sticking with bright colors, try wearing neutral ones (like grey or navy blue) instead.

Things to Bring on a Camping Trip with Friends

Camping with a group of friends might sound like fun until you begin thinking about the necessary things to bring on a camping trip with friends. When camping with friends, it’s important to plan. Here are more hints on what to pack.

14. Pack Tents

Tents are an essential part of any camping trip, especially if it’s going to be cold outside. Make sure that everyone in your group has a tent, and that it’s big enough for everyone to fit comfortably inside.

If you’re traveling with multiple couples, you can split up into two tents so that nobody has to sleep on the ground alone.

15. Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags are another must-have item when it comes to camping with friends, especially if it’s going to be cold outside at night.

If you don’t have enough sleeping bags for everyone in the group, consider renting them from the campground or buying them online before your trip so that you don’t have any problems later on down the road.

For cold nights, bring warm bedding like sleeping bags or blankets; for warmer nights, consider air mattresses instead of sleeping bags. Your tent might come with sleeping bag liners, which will help keep out bugs while keeping in body heat.


What should you wear on a camping trip?

When going camping, it is important to be dressed appropriately for the weather.
You need to dress in warm clothes when it is cold and cool clothes when it is hot.

If you are going hiking or fishing, you need to wear appropriate shoes as well as outerwear that protects you from rain and wind.

How do I prepare for my first camping trip?

Before heading out on your first camping trip, prepare yourself by packing everything that you need in advance of your departure date.

This includes food, water, and clothing as well as sleeping bags and tents if needed.

It is also important to pack items such as matches, flashlights, and bug spray in case of emergencies or bad weather conditions which may cause power outages along your route while driving to your destination campground location.

How can I look cute when comfortable?

Don’t worry about looking cute when you are camping. It’s okay if you don’t have a full face of makeup on. Instead, focus on feeling comfortable and beautiful.

Wear clothes that make you feel like yourself, not clothes that will make other people look at you in a certain way.

What should you not wear when flying?

Never wear anything too tight or too revealing when flying. You need to be able to move around freely without revealing too much skin, especially if the flight is long and uncomfortable.

What do I need for a 7-day camping trip?

For any camping trip longer than a weekend, bring lots of layers. If it is cold where you are going and in the evening, layer up with sweaters and jackets so that if it gets warmer during the day, you can take them off again. Also, make sure to pack some rain gear just in case.

Final Thought

There are many things to do on a camping trip with friends, but there are some to try. Be sure you have all the supplies and make good use of your time because there is a lot of it. With these, you should know what to do to get the best out of your outdoors.

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