15 Most Important Things to Bring to Church Camp

Things to Bring to Church Camp

I’m sure you’re excited to head out to camp. You’ve had a few weeks marked off on your calendar and you’re ready to relax and have some fun. That being said, there are a few things to bring to church camp that will help make your experience even better.

Churches get a little boring sometimes. Especially when it’s summer and you’re on vacation. You can’t always go to your favorite stadium, or zipline down a canyon (but you know you want to), so you need some things to bring to camp for fun.

But church camp is different. It’s familiar, but different at the same time. You may think you know everything there is to know about church camp, but no matter what camp experience you have had — there will always be something new that you’ll discover on just about every day of camp so you’ll need cool church summer camp ideas.

Church camp is a magical time to experience God’s love and powerful presence. But what are you going to bring to church camp? Church camp is an awesome opportunity to get away from it all and know God even better than you did before the camp began.

Before I list the 15 most important things you should bring to church camp this summer. Let’s dive into why is church camp important.

Why is Church Camp Important

Church camp is a time of worship, fellowship, education, and fun. It’s also an awesome opportunity to spend time together with your church family. Thus, some church camp ideas help answer some people’s questions about why is church camp important.

1. Time to get away

At camp, you get to spend time away from your normal routines and distractions and you get to take advantage of the retreat aspect of camp and focus on God.

2. Bible time

It’s not every day that you get to saturate their minds and hearts with God’s word, but camp makes that happen in a fun and exciting way.

You get to hear Bible lessons, sing praises to God, and pray together each night. This makes for an important part of your experience at camp.

What Do You Bring to a Camp?

Have you ever been to church camp? Even if you haven’t, it’s a rite of passage. While you’re there, you might wonder what should go into your backpack or luggage on a trip to church camp.

What to bring to church camp? Some of the items are obvious, but others aren’t. We’ve put a few kinds of camping-related gear and ideas that you might not think to bring.

1. Bringing a camera is a must

Campers will have a lot of fun snapping photos of themselves and their friends, but you can also take advantage of the opportunity to photograph nature or wildlife.

2. Bring your favorite snacks and drinks

There are some great church camp tips one of them is to bring your favorite snacks and drinks because campers never know when there’s going to be an unexpected snack break.

So keep yourself in the loop by stocking up on food and drinks as your occasion demands.

Fun Things to Bring to Church Camp

I’m a big fan of all things outdoors and life in the great outdoors, so when I hear about church camp, it is a no-brainer, there has to be some fun.

There’s nothing like time in your natural surroundings to rekindle your faith to get you closer to Christ.

3. Books about Jesus

Let your favorite pastime be hanging out with your friends and reading about Jesus. It helps center your attention not just on the friends, nature, or the fun but on your savior.

4. Christian music (or some other type of religious song)

The church camp atmosphere is taken to the next level with nice Christian music, letting the campers break out their best moves and rejoice in the presence of their Lord.

5. Cross Necklace or Bracelet

One of the best ways to not just mix with the brethren, but stand out is to get a nice piece of jewelry that shows how much you identify with your faith. A trendy cross necklace or bracelet that has a Christian quote would do just that thing.

What Should You Not Bring to Camp?

If you need an answer to the question “what should you not bring to camp?” Being prepared is half the battle. With that being said, you should take all precautions before coming to camp to check off your list of things you shouldn’t bring on your trip.

Church camp is a great place to get away from your everyday life and enjoy the outdoors. However, there are some things that you should not bring with you when going to camp.

These items can make it difficult for everyone else at camp, as well as put a damper on your trip. Here are some of the most common things that people bring that shouldn’t be brought:

Robots: We understand that robots are cool, but they will not be allowed at camp. They can be loud and distracting to other campers, plus they take up space in your camp’s tuck shop and workshop.

Some electronics: Some electronics are not allowed at church camps. This includes laptops and other gadgets. You may leave them in your car or at home if you wish to use them while away from camp activities (with supervision), but they must be turned off while participating in any official church activities or worship services.

Food and drink:  The ones that are not allowed by your specific camp’s dietary guidelines. For example, if your camp has a specific diet then you will not be able to bring something that is not on the list to camp with you because it is against the rules of the camp.

How Do You Pack Clothes for Summer Camp?

What makes you feel confident and make a positive impact on others? Well, it could be a good sense of humor or something else.

Whatever the reason, your style must match your personality in church camp so you shouldn’t forget these answers to the question “how do you pack clothes for summer camp?”

1. Pack Neat

Pack shoes in shoe bags to prevent dirt or sand from getting into your other items. Bring clothes that are easy to layer or mix and match (for example, shirts with jackets).

2. Pack Smart

It’s easy to overpack when packing clothes for summer camp because it can be tempting to bring everything you own or even more than what’s needed.

3. Pack Light

Camping involves getting dirty and wet for sure, but most campsites have showers. You don’t need to bring everything you own with you — just the essential items that will make your trip as comfortable as possible.

What Can I Bring to Leadership Camp?

If you are asking “what can I bring to leadership camp?” Attending a leadership camp can be a great opportunity for you or your child to develop their leadership skills and learn new experiences.

However, powerful and wise leaders are not born; they are made with the best church camp ideas.

1. A Notebook and Pen

You may want to plan and write down some ideas and things you’d like to discuss with the other campers and leaders. This way, if something comes up during the day, you’ll have it written down so that you can share it with everyone else.

2. A List of Questions for Each Person at the Table

This way, everyone has something specific to ask each other. If someone asks a question, they can answer right away without waiting for another person to speak up next.

What Should Camp Counselors Pack?

Camp counselors need to carry a lot of supplies and things to bring to summer camp to keep the camp running. They will have to take care of the dishes and wash clothes, as well as make sure that all the kids have fun.

With so many things to pack, it is important to have the right items on hand at all times. This can be challenging because of all the heavy-duty camping equipment.

Here are some easy tips for packing everything you need for a successful camp season.

1. A Small First Aid Kit

That includes bandages, gauze, antibiotic ointment, aspirin, and maybe some plasters. You don’t know when some unfortunate incident might occur, not that you’re expecting it but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

2. A Thermometer

Most campers don’t have one at home and they could use it to check their temperature if they’re sick or have a fever.

3. A Whistle or Horn

It’s best to wake up sleepy campers and spur them to action or even play some pranks on them to make things a little more fun.

How Do You Pack for Kids Camping?

Leaving the house in a rush isn’t an option when packing for your kids for church camp.

Between getting dressed, riding the bus, and finding a space on the hard surface to put everything in the backpack/suitcase, there’s only so much time you have to get everything broken down and ready to leave.

1. Bring Only the Essentials

You do not need to pack what your kid would wear for a month even if your child likes to change clothes and shoes every 5 minutes.

This is a chance for you to let your child learn some valuable skills about managing resources and making do with what is available. So, pack only the essentials.

2. Plan Ahead

You do not want to get to camp with your kid and realize you have forgotten something vital at home. The best thing to do in this case is to plan, and preferably have a list where you can tick off things you desire your child to have with him/her at camp.


What do you wear to church camp?

Church camps have specific guidelines on what they expect attendees to wear.

The most common rule is that shorts are allowed only in the evening and that leggings must be worn under dresses or skirts, especially during worship time and other activities where there may be lots of movement involved (such as hiking).

Dress codes vary by camp though so be sure to ask before packing any inappropriate clothing items.

How do I keep cool in summer camp?

Summer camps can get very hot and humid so it’s important to bring along some products that will help keep you cool while also protecting your skin from the sun’s heat.

You can get a lot of relief from the heat by wearing lightweight, loose-fitting clothing. You’ll also be more comfortable if you wear a hat and sunglasses to protect your head and eyes from the sun.

The best way to stay cool is to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water, and don’t forget to rehydrate after physical activity. Cooling towels and fans can help.

If you’re concerned about sunburn, sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher is recommended.

What should I pack for a 2-week summer camp?

Packing for a 2-week camp is different than packing for a shorter trip. For a two-week summer camp, you’ll need to bring clothes for the whole time you’ll be away from home.

This includes pajamas, underwear, socks, and other personal items. You can’t just bring one set of clothes and wash them every night. It’s best to bring two or three sets of clothes so you can alternate between them each day.

If you’re going away for longer than two weeks, make sure you have enough clothing for all possible weather conditions in your destination – remember that it might be colder than usual if you’re going to high altitudes or during the winter months.

What Should I Pack For A Week Camp?

For a week-long camp, try to limit yourself to only bringing enough clothing so that there are no leftovers when it comes time to go home.

The same goes for toiletries such as toothbrushes and toothpaste – there’s no point bringing more than one set each.

How do I prepare my child for camping?

If your child is going to be away from home for the first time, you may want to start preparing him or her before the trip.

One thing to consider is how your child will handle being away from home without his or her usual comforts and friends.

You can help ease the transition by taking your child on some short trips before the big event.

Take your child to visit relatives or friends who live far away; these visits should last no longer than an overnight stay so that your child doesn’t get too homesick before going off on his own adventure to camp.

Final Thought

This is a great list of all the things that a person should bring, from things you wear to games and activities. It’s an in-depth list that can help new campers figure out what to bring and what to expect when walking up for the first time.

Bring a positive attitude and a lot of it. Also, bring things you can use for meals and be helpful to others. Don’t bring anything that your camp does not permit – those are strictly forbidden at camp. Please feel free to bring your bible.

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