15 DIY Indoor Camping Ideas You Can’t Ignore

DIY Indoor Camping Ideas

Camping is fun, but sometimes the weather can make outdoor camping lose its value. DIY indoor camping ideas might sound strange, but it is the best way to have fun.

You won’t find yourself in frozen mud in bad weather, wearing six pairs of socks, or trying to carry a portable raincoat. On the other hand, if you have indoor camping, you can cover many of the ideas you think of. Here are some of the essential tips you can’t ignore.

Best DIY Indoor Camping Ideas

1. DIY Moon Decorations

One of the DIY camping decorating ideas is DIY moon decorations. This is the best idea because it’s not complicated and does not need strenuous tools. You only need colored paper, white paper, scissors, a pencil, an eraser, a ruler, and glue.

Draw the moon on white paper with a pencil. You can add moon decorations and create different landscapes or figures. Using a ruler and pencil, draw strips about 1 inch thick and cut straight.

Also, using foam brushes, paint on the paper, starting with the darkest color and ending with the white color. Allow the paint to dry, and you will have the DIY moon decorations.

2. How to Make a Cardboard Box Tent

The idea you cannot ignore is how to make a cardboard box tent. This is very fun for anyone who loves camping. It is easy because you need to cut the cardboard box according to the shape of the tent.

You require an indoor camping kit with a window, a door space, and loops on either side to support the triangle shape. After that, you can start decorating it with different colors. Plus, you can draw the iron sheets and decorate them.

3. Use a Twine Ball to Make a Campfire

Plan on how to make a campfire, which is not necessarily for cooking using a twine ball. Remember that everything looks beautiful in the firelight and even your campmates. Get the twine ball and a matchbox, and locate where you will make a campfire.

Based on where you are and the practicality, the campfire can be seen from the tent inside to allow you to enjoy it. You can keep things cozy by bringing warm drinks, blankets, camp chairs, and pillows around the campfire.

4. Sleep in a Tent or Make a Fort with Blankets and Pillows

You can sleep in a tent or make a fort with blankets and pillows. Making a fort with blankets and pillows stimulates the imagination and can be fun.

Hang the blankets and pillows on each of the four sides. Use heavier objects like toys and books to keep them in place. A fort becomes the bottom bunk. For different beds, hang a blanket from a bed, such as a chair or a desk.

Likewise, use blankets and pillows to create the floor under the “roof” cozier, like building a fort out of blankets. Also, add soft pillows, blankets, and cushions to create a cozy and comfortable place.

5. DIY S’mores Makers (Make S’mores in the Microwave or Toaster)

Indoor camping food ideas like s’mores are a must-have. Divide the graham cracker sheet into separate square pieces and put them in the microwave toaster.

You can use graham spices or go the traditional way. Decorate every graham with a square marshmallow or chocolate. Both work, although the vegetarian ones are a bit crispy and less puffy on the outside.

And because s’mores are a bit indulgent and there’s only the occasional treat, you better go all out. So, if you have leftover candy from the latest holiday like Halloween or Easter, substitute the Almond joy cup or a peanut butter cup for a chocolate square.

Put the pan in the toaster, but before turning it on, confirm you have left enough space between the marshmallows and the heating elements. Carefully remove a pan, top the remaining cookies, and enjoy your s’mores.

6. DIY Headlamp

You can make the DIY headlamp with minimal supplies and effort during indoor camping. Connect two LEDs in series and two such arrays in parallel. Add the switch and the battery.

Cut a 3cm piece of toilet paper tube and remove the reflector from the light fixture. Measure the length you need and sew the Velcro to opposite sides of a ribbon.

Place the reflector on a flat side, on top of a tube. And apply pressure to add hot glue to the edge of the reflector. Put the LEDs on the bracket and then pour hot glue.

Once the glue has cooled, you can add glue to the tube brim, put the tape on it, and twist it. Apply a little pressure on it, and connect the switch and battery.

7. DIY Indoor Campout

This idea keeps everyone active when camping. You can decide to read the camping stories with hot tea or cocoa before bed. You can read aloud in one voice, which adds more excitement and fun.

Also, you can have the DIY indoor campout by sleeping in the tent and makeshift fort under the bright and twinkling stars. You can dim the lights to let the DIY night shine.

Indoor Camping Ideas for Couples

8. Marshmallow Roasting Forks

Another camping ideas for couples is making marshmallow roasting forks. Have a long wooden dowel, paint roller pole, broom, metal fork, aluminum foil, and duct tape. Hold the metal fork above the pole and secure it by wrapping the duct tape around the fork and rod.

Add enough tape to shield the fork handle. Run the hand across the duct tape to soften it and ensure the metal fork is engaged correctly. Wrap 12 inches of aluminum foil around the tape, providing the wood covers the top.

Flatten the paper and then roll it by hand to flatten it against the post. Tie a marshmallow roasting fork to the fork tines and roast it. If the aluminum foil begins to burn or get dirty after several uses, remove the film and add a new piece.

9. Camping Activities That Glow in the Dark

It would help if you had camping activities that glow in the dark, which you cannot ignore. Play cornhole, bocce, or bowling, or have some glow-in-the-dark spray paint and then create your games.

You can make metallic fabric dresses that look like the dancing ghosts and then spray the paint and allow them to glow. You can have many activities according to your imagination in the dark.

10. Play with Glow Sticks

Have some glow sticks and create your games. Glow sticks are a good night light when there is no power. Take them outside and watch them glow at night. They can last for some hours before they go out, which is ideal for giving light when camping. You will find that the glow sticks can assist you in playing other games.

11. Do Shadow Puppets

Choose the shadow puppets you want as the pretend camping ideas. Outline on the cardboard and then cut them out. Use tape to attach the skewers to the back of every puppet.

Direct the spotlight on the table or floor. Point it on the wall and put it on. Put off other lights and then close the curtain. Hold the puppet between the wall and the light. Move every puppet between the wall and the light to create different shadow sizes.

12. Play Flashlight Tag

Wait until sunset or evening to play flashlight tag. Choose a competitor who will be a flashlight tag. You can flap a coin if many people want to participate.

One person can take a flashlight, cover his eyes, and start counting 50 or 100. If the number is high, the more time he will hide during the flashlight tag. After that, other people can start searching for the hider using the flashlight.

13. Make Your Indoor Camping Experience Fun and Creative

As a couple, you can make your indoor camping idea fun and creative by discussing the trip and activity. For every workout, try asking open-ended questions on how it is different if it happened outside.

You can watch adventure movies, play games, or listen to podcasts. Also, you can enjoy your Wi-Fi connection by streaming the campfire, the ocean sound, or the night sky.

14. Sleeping Bags and Pillows

Take a pair of scissors and cut the sleeping bag pillow into four parts for the indoor camping sleepover. You can draw a line with a pencil. Cut them in half and then cut the two halves again to create four small rectangles. The object created will expand slightly. Try to turn it over and close the cut sides. Pin them in place before you complete them.

Push the padding to one side as far as it will go, line up the edges of the fabric, and then sew along the 1/4-inch line. After sewing the sleeping bags and pillows, there will be two sides. Sew only one side to leave the opening.

Ideas for Children in the Interior

15. Go Camping with the Kids in the Backyard

Going to the camp with the kids in the backyard can be indoor camping ideas for children in the interior. This can keep the kids energized and bond while playing the camping games.

You can host a nature bingo, flashlight tag, or flashlight scavenger hunt if there are enough indoor camping places. Also, you can try singing campfire songs or doing karaoke before bed. This is the best idea for children in the interior.


How to do indoor camping?

You can pitch a tent in the camping area. Arrange the camp chairs and place a large sheet over them. It doesn’t matter how the indoor camping looks like. Then fill it with what is required. This set the stage for the perfect indoor camping.

How do you camp in the living room?

You create a camping environment. You can set up the blankets and sleeping bags and pitch a tent if possible. Prepare snacks and drinks for the camp and make the camping rules. Also, build an indoor campfire.

How do you make an indoor tent for camping?

You need to gather the materials which are required. Tie a rope to both sides of the tent, lay the blanket on the floor, and include a pillow. Put in the sleeping bag and add the camping chairs and tables.

What are some fun camping ideas?

They include a scavenger hunt, going on the bear hunt, imitating the song of the birds, outdoor kitchen play, climbing trees, making mud pies, geocaching, collecting natural items, and playing ring toss.

Final Thought

Staying indoors does not mean you cannot have fun. There are different DIYs that are beautifully witty to engage with your loved ones and this includes the camping ideals for couples and children in the interior.

Use the above ideas, for they will help you create sweet memories. Plus, they will equip you and prepare you for outdoor adventures.

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